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Languages Spoken By  Humanity


6000 Languages.

Languages  Spoken By Humanity                                                                                

There are currently 6000 languages spoken by humanity. The languages have probably developed from 17 original languages. Each language has its place in our society and also has a specific purpose for which it serves humanity. There are also similarities and detecting overlays in languages.

Computer Languages


Computer Languages

Computer Languages


Computers also speak with us in a language. However, the languages are propagated to speak to people manually.Some languages we can name are Java Script,Java,Python, CSS, PHP, Ruby, and CTT. Each of the server-site languages have their place and purpose,with most overlapping widely but not completely.

To “speak”with people  with a computer you need to know some technical skills.Vital skills are Visual design, UX- that is User Experince or how people feel ..calm or frustrated,Time Management, and Communication.That is not all…Design Software,HTML,CSS,Javascript,SEO/Marketing/Social Media and Business and Client Management.

The Internet started in 1969 as the ARPANET. The Arpanet was a Defense Department System designed to let survivors share files after a nuclear attack. From a handful of top secret computers,it’s grown to fill more than 10 million hosts and millions of domain names.

Highlights of the Internet:-

#1991-Cern Introduces the World Wide Web to pubic.

#1998-Google search engine born.

#2003-WordPress (Blog platform) is launched. This platform I writing now on.

#2004-Facebook goes online. The Social Networking Era begins.

Mozilla unveils the Mozilla Firefox browser.

#2005-You launches.

Reddit is founded.

#2006-Twitter launches.

#2015-Instagram(photo-sharing  site)reaches 400 million users.

One can almost exclaim: What a remarkable achievement !!!

However, the question remains: -Is all these acquaintances and skills necessary to create a reliable website? The answer is NO! This implies that you need to be motivated, reliable and hard. Once called a genial to me …. if every person only works hard for one hour a day … then there is enough work for all working people on earth . For me, it makes sense, but you have to be in place for your planning, what you will do for the hour.

However, it does not help to just answer ANY.You also have to offer the solution. I do not get people sorry.When you call it you’re sorry for somebody ….. what does that mean? a person. Absolutely nothing. I have an incentive for people .Because, I want to make a difference to other people’s lives.

Make it easier for you, why do you want to suffer? Now take the decision. I do not claim to trust people and princes, but make the right decisions about your own life. Stones Evans, is a man who knows what it is about. He also says it’s not an easy path to walk. You read it,in his Dotcomology, that he makes available for free.

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